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Citron Bleu shampoo & conditioner bars feature a plant-based fragrance blend evocative of blue mandarin, orcanox, and crushed ice ... a veritable aquatic dreamscape for your hair.

At the heart of this olfactory masterpiece lies a unique blend of top notes bursting with the invigorating essence of juicy citrus fruits, seamlessly complemented by middle notes of exotic spices and delicate florals. The base notes of premium woods such as cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli exude a sense of unparalleled luxury and comfort, creating a refined and relaxing ambiance.

Handcrafted with the finest ingredients, Citron Bleu is a true reflection of opulence and quality. featuring a long-lasting and indulgent scent, our shampoo and conditioner bars elevate your senses and envelop you in a world of pure luxury.

No matter your hair type, we have a bar for you!  Our salon-quality, all-natural formulas gently cleanse while infusing with serious botanical nutrition leaving hair silky-soft and refreshed. 100% plastic free! All packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.


Salon-grade formulas crafted with the highest quality ingredients revitalize and replenish hair with shine, body, and bounce.  Always vegan and cruelty-free. One bar will replace 2-3 plastic bottles and provide 75+ shampoos. Can be used on all hair types including gray, curly, color treated, and those with sensitive skin.


Natural ingredients, reduced to handheld concentrates without water, in plastic-free packaging and you have a necessary beauty product created with sustainability at its core. Our concentrated bars are intentionally made with nature's finest ingredients.



Citron Bleu Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

  • Our artisan soap bars are a head-to-toe, full body, bath soap. They are high lathering, and when properly cared for, long lasting.


    Since each batch is handcrafted, please note that there may be slight differences between the soap you receive and the one pictured. Rest assured, the soap you receive will be simply amazing!


    Indulge your senses ... your skin will thank you.

  • All cold process, artisan soaps feature biolefin shrink wrap packaging ... a breathable packaging material that is plant based and residential compostable. Paired with our ethical & sustainable palm oil, we're pretty excited about the near-zero carbon footprint offered by our products.

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