Wooden Beard CombLightweight and durable, this wooden comb fits comfortably in your pocket for on-the-go upkeep. Measures 3.5" long. Medium toothed to help with tangles. Keeps your beard smooth and healthy.
Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl
Lightweight and stylish, this stainless steel shaving bowl fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, helping you perfect your morning ritual. Sleek, stylish design. Brushed finish. Double-walled stainless steel. Fits our signature Shave Soap. Approximately 2.8" inches wide and 2" tall.
Wooden Shaving Brush
A high-quality shaving brush featuring soft and dense boar bristles. A lightweight, solid wooden handle helps lift whiskers for a close, smooth shave. 

Men's Grooming Products by Crux

  • All products proudly made in United States of America