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Conditioning shampoo bar with mild cleansing components, featuring naturally occurring, nourishing oils and shea butter.


- Amla oil : helps to reduce hair fall; full of anitoxidants to help combat environmental damage
- Jojoba oil - used to impart smoothness and silkiness to hair shaft; tames split ends

- Coconut oil - highly cleansing and imparts rich lather

- Castor oil - excellent for hair repair & is the only oil that contains ricinoleic acid (a conditioning acid); a humectant that brings moisture to the hair shaft

- Shea butter - contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and mineral acids necessary for healthy hair

- Blend of manketti seed, pomegranate seed, camellia seed, sea buckthorn, and morninga oils - all oils that are high in fatty acids and vital nutrients which are necessary for overall hair health

- Silk peptides impart softness to the hair shaft

- Horsetail - with 35% silica content, works to support healthy hair and hair growth

- Herbbal blend of essential oils - helps to balance natural hair oils, soothes scalp and calms hair, strengthens hair follicles, promotes hair growth


This recipe is balanced, clean-rinsing, conditioning without an oily residue, with an intensely dense lather.


Made with canola oil, coconut oil, distilled water, lye, castor oil, mango seed butter, jojoba oil,  Tussah silk, pomegranate seed oil, sea buckthorn berry oil, moringa oil, manketti oil, camellia seed oil, horsetail, spearmint & rosemary essential oils.


4 oz bar


To use, thoroughly wet hair with warm water. In a circular motion, rub soap over hair and scalp, all the way to the ends. Work into a lather. Rinse. Repeat if desired. Apply conditioner if necessary. Allow soap to dry between uses. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Amla & Argan Herbal Shampoo Bar

  • Our artisan soap bars are a head-to-toe, full body, bath soap. They are high lathering, and when properly cared for, long lasting.


    Since each batch is handcrafted, please note that there may be slight differences between the soap you receive and the one pictured. Rest assured, the soap you receive will be simply amazing!


    Indulge your senses ... your skin will thank you.

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